Kamis, 20 Juli 2006

How I got involved with ECO-SEA

Back in 2000, I came across ECO-SEA's Website. ECO-SEA (Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization for South-East Asia) is part of a worldwide community of students, scholars, agencies and communities who study and conserve ethnobotanical knowledge and practices.

JeanineWhen I visited the Website, I was interested in their ethnobotanical interpretive materials which are available (at cost) for K-12 instructors who teach in English or Bahasa Indonesia. They have provided some excerpts from those interpretive materials on their site as "Plant Profiles". The documentation covered the botany, ecology, horticulture and ethnobotany (ceremonial, social, household and medicinal uses) of plant species native to Southeast Asia. I contacted Jeanine Pfeiffer (the Director), and soon we agreed to perform a colaborative effort in which I was responsible for translating ethnobotanical educational materials for ECO-SEA into Bahasa Indonesia.

If you are interested to obtain these materials, both in English or Indonesian version, please send your inquiry to Mrs. Jeanine Pfeiffer (director@ecosea.org)

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