Senin, 01 Maret 2010

KTKI Goes to School: Beetlebug’s CP Terrarium Project

What happens if a pre-school teacher marries a carnivorous-plant (CP) lover? The Beetlebug’s CP terrarium project!

This fun yet educational project (held on February 20th, 2010) could be the first in Indonesia. Ignatius Radityo Trihascaryo, a member of KTKI (Indonesian Carnivorous Plant Community) tells us the story of his wife, Margareta Puput Kurniawati, a teacher in Beetlebug Kiddie School in Semarang, Central Java.

The idea of involving her students in building CP terrarium came to Margareta and Radityo after a few years of dealing with his CP at home. In their garden there are many types of Cp, including tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes), a genus of CP the greatest diversity of which occurs on Borneo and Sumatra with many endemic species.

The idea of this project is very simple. Each student is given a small glass jar, a small Nepenthes gracilis plant and of course the growing medium. It seems that pictures are better than words, so please, enjoy these photos!

All images above are courtesy of Ignatius Radityo T.

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